Visual identification

Visual identification of frequent aphids on Fabaceae

Identification from photos, click on the name to access identification file

Acyrthosiphon pisum

large aphid green or pink with
cornicles long straight and light-coloured

Aphis craccivora

Apterous black glossy, cornicles straight and black

Aphis fabae

colony matt black with individuals (nymphs) with waxy white stripes

Aulacorthum solani

abdomen glossy, green to yellowish green with a dark spot at base of cornicles

Macrosiphum euphorbiae

large green or pink, ovoid

Megoura viciae

apterous green, head, thorax and appendages black

Myzus persicae

yellowish to green with presence of individuals (nymphs) pinkish

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Modification date : 07 February 2023 | Publication date : 24 March 2014 | Redactor : Evelyne Turpeau, Maurice Hullé, Bernard Chaubet