Subfamily : Aphidinae

The morphs of this genus are characterized by the presence of a caudicle on abdominal segment 8.

The species located in the Northern Hemisphere migrate from Salix to Apiaceae.

The alates have short antennae and an abdominal patch.

The morphological differences between the species can be seen using three criteria:

  • length of processus terminalis
  • length of caudicle in the apterous
  • forms of cornicles

processus terminalis equal to base

cornicles swollen

Cavariella aegopodii

processus terminalis longer than base

cornicles swollen

Cavariella pastinacae

cornicles straight

Cavariella theobaldi

Cavariella : différences morphologiques entre les espèces

Drawings Heie O.E., 1992

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