A. spiraecola

Aphis spiraecola Patch, 1914

Green citrus aphid

Morphological characters

1.2-2.2 mm
Apterous: yellow to apple green, cauda black, cornicles black, medium-sized and longer than in alates.
Alate: green to yellowish green, antennae short, cornicles black, cauda black and constricted.

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Life cycles

Anholocyclic in Europe, dioecious holocyclic elsewhere.

Host plants

Highly polyphagous, A. spiraecola, introduced recently in the Mediterranean region (1939), colonizes the temperate regions where it invades crops under shelter (greenhouses, tunnels).
Primary host: Spiraea (spiraea).
Secondary hosts: Rutaceae (Citrus), Rosaceae (numerous fruit trees), Apiaceae, Asteraceae and numerous ornamental plants.

Particular characteristics

L'espèce A. spireacola était autrefois appelée Aphis citricola. Cette espèce peut être confondue avec Aphis pomi d'un point de vue morphologique.
Elle présente des phénomènes de résistances aux insecticides.

Incidences agronomiques

The species A. spireacola were formerly Aphis citricola. This species can be confused with Aphis pomi from the morphological point of view.
It shows properties of resistance to insecticides.



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