Parasitoid key

Identification of parasitoids on aphids of Poaceae

Recognizing principal genera of parasitoids of cultivated Poaceae

The proposed identification key is based on visual observation of:

  • forewing venation based on the complete venation of a reference wing   
  • form of the ovipositor  (V3)
  • number of tubercles on tergite 1  (T1)
Aphidiinae : nervation complète de l'aile



All cells 1, 2, 3,4, 5,closed up
Toxares deltiger : aile droite

Ovipositor triangular Toxares (deltiger)

Toxares deltiger : ovipositeur

Ovipositor tapering Ephedrus (plagiator)

Ephedrus plagiator : détail ovipositeur
Cells 2, 3 and 5 joined together; cell 1 open
Aphidius ervi : aile

Aphidius (ervi, avenae, rhopalosiphi, uzbekistanicus, matricariae, colemani)

Veins 3-SR+SR1, r-m and only one part of 3-M (T-shaped) present
Lysiphlebus fabarum : aile droite

Lysiphlebus (fabarum, testaceipes)

Veins 1-SR+M, m-cu and 3M present, sometimes m-cu effaced, or 1-SR+M partly effaced
Adialytus salicaphis : aile droite

Praon (gallicum, volucre, abjectum, necans)

Only vein 3-SR present, but short
Adialytus salicaphis : aile droite

Ovipositor tip pointed Adialytus (ambigus)

Adialytus ambigus : ovipositeur

Ovipositor tip square Diaeretiella (rapae

Diaeretiella rapae : ovipositeur

Ovipositor axe-shaped Monoctonus (caricis, cerasi)

Monoctonus caricis : ovipositeur
Only vein 3-SR present, long
Binodoxys angelicae : aile

Ovipositor tweezer-shaped

Binodoxys angelicae : ovipositeur

T1 view from above with 4 tubercles Binodoxys (angelicae)

Binodoxys angelicae : détail T1 (tergite)

T1 view from above with 2 tubercles Trioxys (auctus)

Trioxys auctus : détail T1 (tergite)


Aphelinus (abdominalis, asychis, flavipes, varipes, chaonia)

Aphelinus sp : aile
Aphelinus sp : habitus

Mummies black and elongate

Aphelinus abdominalis : momies noires dans une colonie d'Uroleucon spp


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Identification based on morphological criteria, click on the name to access identification file
Identification based on morphological criteria, click on the name to access identification file

Modification date: 14 June 2024 | Publication date: 12 September 2013 | By: Evelyne Turpeau, Maurice Hullé, Bernard Chaubet