Aphididae : Lachninae

The Lachninae show antennae with 6 segments and a very short processus terminalis. In alates, the secondary rhinaria are round or oval.

The cornicles are shaped like a broad cone or a sclerotized ring, or even absent.
The cauda is short and rounded.
The life cycle is not host-alternating. It takes place on trees (Cinarini, Lachnini) or roots (Tramini).
Colonies are often visited by ants.



Tribe :

  • Cinarini
  • Lachnini
  • Tramini

Genus :

Modification date : 08 April 2024 | Publication date : 21 September 2010 | Redactor : Evelyne Turpeau, Maurice Hullé, Bernard Chaubet