R. insertum

Rhopalosiphum insertum (Walker, 1849)

Apple-grass aphid

blanc 192x128
blanc 192x128

1.4-2 mm.
Apterous: yellowish green with darker longitudinal streaks, antennae short and dark at tip, cornicles short.
Alate: abdomen glossy green with dark marginal sclerites, antennae short, processus terminalis slightly curved; cornicles short, pigmented with a constriction at tip, cauda narrow and not strongly developed.

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Dioecious holocyclic .

Primary hosts: Malus (apple), Pyrus (pear), Cotoneaster (hawthorn).
Secondary hosts: Poaceae: Festuca (fescue), Poa (annual meadow grass).

Agronomic impact

The presence of R. insertum, on its primary host, induces crinkling of leaves in spite of early appearance and formation of dense colonies. The worst damage is observed on young plants and nursery plants.
R. insertum is not considered to be harmful on cereals where it colonizes the roots. However, it is a vector of the barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV).



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