A. malvae

Acyrthosiphon malvae (Mosley, 1841)

Pelargonium aphid

blanc 192x128

Morphological characters

1.8-2.7 mm.
Yellowish green or green aphid, eyes red, cornicles long, straight and light-coloured.
Apterous: antennae same length as body, cauda broad, pale.
Alate: antennae same length as body, cauda broad.

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Life cycles

Monoecious holocyclic

Host plants  

Fragaria (strawberry), also on Malva (mallow), Geranium, Erodium (storksbills)

Particular characteristics

Acyrthosiphon malvae is a complex species (A. rogersii, A. pelargonii) distinguished essentially by their host range.

Agronomic impact

Colonies develop on petioles and the underside of leaves.
It is the vector of strawberry mottle virus (SMV).

Natural enemies



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