D. pyri

Dysaphis (Pomaphis) pyri (Boyer de Fonscolombe, 1841)

Pear-bedstraw aphid

Dysaphis pyri : adulte aptère
Dysaphis pyri : adulte ailé
Dysaphis pyri : colonie
Dysaphis pyri : dégât sur poirier

Morphological characters

1.7-3.2 mm.
Apterous: globular, mauve-brown, covered with whitish pruinosity.
Alate: dark patch, antennae black, cornicles black, cylindrical and short, cauda small.

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Life cycles

Dioecious holocyclic.

Host plants

Primary host: Pyrus communis (pear).
Secondary host: Galium (bedstraw).

Agronomic impact

D. pyri is the most harmful aphid on pear trees.
It deforms the leaves and induces a green colour streaked with yellow.
Shoots growth is stopped (photo of damage on a branch)
This species produces abundant honeydew on which a large amount of sooty mould develops that degrades the fruit.

Natural enemies

Parasitoids :

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