C. elaeagni

Capitophorus elaeagni (Del Gercio, 1894)

Common oleaster aphid

Capitophorus elaeagni : adulte aptère
Capitophorus elaeagni : adulte ailé
Capitophorus elaeagni : colonie
Capitophorus elaeagni : adulte ailé mycosé

Morphological characteristics

1.4-2.5 mm.Identification file
Apterous: greenish to yellowish, translucent, difficult to see, blends in easily with leaves; cornicles long, fine and light-coloured with tip slightly coloured
Alate: pale green, antennae fine and long, patch compact, rectangular and pigmented, cornicles long, cylindrical, pale; cauda short.

See identification file

Life cycles

Dioecious holocyclic.

Hosts plants

Primary hosts: Hippophae (sea buckthorn) and Elaeagnus (oleaster).
Secondary hosts: Cynara (artichoke), Carduus (plumeless thistles), Cirsium (thistles)

Agronomic impact

It can cause economically important damage on crops of artichoke.

Natural enemies

The entomophthoral fungi can restrict the size of colonies.

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