E. punctipennis

Euceraphis punctipennis (Zetterstedt, 1828)

Downy birch aphid

3.0-4.8 mm
Large aphid, green, elongate over long legs, quite fluffy.
Larva and nymph: antennae same length as body, cornicles short, cauda knobbed.
Alate: antennae same length as body, abdomen elongate, cornicles short, cauda knobbed, legs long and wings narrow.

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Monoecious holocyclic

Betula pubescens, downy birch

Euceraphis punctipennis on underside of young leaves of pubescent birch, which have not yet opened out. Adults are always alate and live in isolation. Larvae appear singly or in small groups. The infestations occur in spring or early summer. The oviparous females and males appear in autumn. After mating, the eggs overwinter and hatch in spring.

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