Monoecious holocyclic

Monoecious holocyclic cycle

In this type of cycle, the aphids produce a sexual generation and several asexual generations, all accomplished on the same species of plant or on plants of related species.

Several generations of parthenogenetic females come in between fundatrix and sexupara during spring and summer.

This is the case for:    

  •  the cabbage aphid: Brevicoryne brassicae which lives on Brassicaceae (cabbage, rape, mustard, radish and so on)
  •  The pea aphid: Acyrthosiphon pisum which proliferates on wild Fabaceae (laburnum, broom etc.) or cultivated ones (peas, beans, lucerne etc.)
  •  The English grain aphid: develops on various cultivated Poaceae (wheat, barley etc.) or wild forms
  •  …..
Cycle holocycle monoecique

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