Adalia decempunctata

<I>Adalia decempunctata (Linné, 1758)

Ten-spot ladybird

Adalia decempunctata : accouplement
Adalia decempunctata : accouplement
Adalia decempunctata : larve
Adalia decempunctata : cocon


This species does not have the typical ladybird shape. The ten-spot ladybird is difficult to identify because it shows a wide variety of spots and colors ranging from yellow to black.


It is an arboreal species, in broadleaved trees, intensely active in search of aphids or, failing that, scale insects, Acari, even pollen or nectar. It is also encountered on conifers. Sometimes it occurs on herbaceous plants, particularly nettles in spring.


The ten-spot ladybird is quite common.
It frequents a broad range of broadleaves with a preference for oaks, but also conifers and hedgerows.

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