B. schwartzi

Brachycaudus schwartzi (Börner, 1931)

Brown peach aphid

Brachycaudus schwartzi : adulte aptère
Brachycaudus schwartzi : adulte ailé
Brachycaudus schwartzi : colonie
Brachycaudus schwartzi : dégât sur pêcher

Morphological characters

1.5-2 mm.
Apterous: oval, pale brown to yellowish pink; abdomen with transverse stripes, black and interrupted.
Alate: orangey yellow with black discontinuous patch, antennae shorter than body, cornicles cylindrical, short and dark, cauda short and rounded

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Life cycles

Monoecious holocyclic.

Host plants   

Prunus persica (peach).

Particular characteristics

B. schwartzi is one of a complex of species which adoptpeach or plum as primary host.
Yet they are heteroecious species that migrate; for example B. prunicola migrates onto salsify.

Agronomic impact

The presence of colonies of B. schwartzi leads to blockage of growth of branches.
Young leaves crinkle when the blade slips perpendicularly to the medial vein and become grouped together in compact packets, ideal for ants to use as nests (photo: damage on peach branch)


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