Only one species in France, the common walnut (Juglans regia).

Walnut trees are deciduous. They are cultivated but sometimes grow spontaneously.

This tree is grown for its fruit, eaten as it is or ground to extract the walnut oil. The bulk of the production for the market is located in the Périgord and around Grenoble. Its wood is easy to work with, highly valuable and much sought after for cabinet making.

Two aphid species are frequently found on the common walnut:

Chromaphis juglandicola

small aphid, yellow, larvae with long hairs, cornicles short, cauda knobbed

Chromaphis juglandicola : nymphes 4
Chromaphis juglandicola : adulte ailé
Chromaphis juglandicola : nymphes

Panaphis juglandis

yellow aphid with dark streaks, alate with wing veins very broad 

Panaphis juglandis : colonie
Panaphis juglandis : adulte ailé
Panaphis juglandis : ovipare

Modification date: 07 February 2023 | Publication date: 31 January 2017 | By: Evelyne Turpeau, Maurice Hullé, Bernard Chaubet