Aphididae : Aphidinae

This subfamily comprises the majority of aphid species. It is divided into two tribes.

The Aphidinae antennae are long, generally with 6 segments and a long processus terminalis (at least equal to the base).
In alates, the secondary rhinaria are normally round, aligned or scattered on the segments.
The abdomen can be a range of tones from light to dark, with the presence of points, spots, flecks, stripes or patches.
The cornicles are cylindrical: short, long, straight or swollen.
The cauda also has a range of forms: short, rounded, pointed, digitate but never button-shaped.
The principal morphological criteria are set out and illustrated in the morphology section.
The life cycle of these species is variable, with or without host alternation and with or without a sexual phase.


  • Aphidini
  • Macrosiphini


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