Coleoptera : Staphylinidae


Staphylinidae (rove beetles) are Coleoptera, characterized by their short elytra which leave more than half their abdomen exposed. With more than 46 000 species in thousands of genera, the group is the second largest family of Coleoptera.


There are considerable inter-species variations in such a family. Size varies in the range 1-35 mm. Their shape is generally elongate. Colours range from yellow to black by way of reddish brown and brown. The antennae generally consist of 11 segments. The abdomen can be very long and flexible.


The rove beetles colonize all types of habitat. Most are predators of insects and other invertebrates. They are considered important as controllers in nature, which makes them obvious candidates for use in biological control.

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 Tachyporus sp
(Gravenhost, 1802)

 Paederus sp Fabricius,1775

Tachyporus hypnorum (Fabricius 1775) is about 3 mm long and the elytra are short. It can be seen in mossy areas and piles of plant detritus. It is common in spring and even in winter.
Tachyporus obtusus (Linnaeus 1767) is a small beetle about 5 mm long with short elytra.

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