C. flava

Calaphis flava Mordvilko, 1928

Yellow dark-veined birch aphid

1.9-2.7 mm
Aphid light green to yellow.
Apterous: antennae pale with articular sutures dark; abdomen with long hairs; patellae and tarsi darkened: cornicles short and light-colored, cauda knobbed and bilobed anal patch present.
Alate: antennae long and fine with alternate light and dark coloring; abdomen light colored; cornicles short and light, cauda knobbed, bilobed anal patch present; wings marked by somber-toned venation, especially anal vein, also by absence of part of the radial sector.

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Monoecious holocyclic

Plantes hôtes

Betula puberscens, B. verrucosa

Calaphis flava forms diffuse colonies on underside of young leaves.

Populations can be regulated by a hymenopteran : Aphidius aquilus.

Aphidius aquilus

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