M. cymbalariae

Myzus (Sciamyzus) cymbalariae Stroyan, 1954

Cymbalaria aphid

1.2-2.0 mm.

Apterous: yellowish green variably scattered with brown or dark red, dark brown in older individuals; cauda triangular with cornicles uniform colour, swollen

Alate: dorsal patch tends to divide into segments as stripes; antennae long, fine and same length as body; cornicles swollen and dark, cauda pigmented and triangular.

The species is apparently completely anholocyclic, however some males have been caught in traps.

Polyphagous with a preference for Liliaceae.

Many different families such as: Caryophyllaceae, Asteraceae, Iridaceae, Scrophulariaceae, (Cymbalaria), Solonaceae

M. cymbalariae is encountered frequently on stored onion and shallot bulbs.

Agronomic impact

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