M. varians

Myzus varians Davidson, 1912

Peach-clematis leafroll aphid

1.7-2.3 mm.
Apterous: light green, antennae darkened brown at articular sutures, cornicles straight and dark at tip.
Alate: very dark, antennae long and pigmented, cornicles long and black narrowing at tip, cauda digitate.

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Dioecious holocyclic.

Primary host: Prunus persica (peach).
Secondary host: Clematis spp (clematis).

M. varians causes cigar-like folding of the leaf-blade margins parallel to the principal vein, accompanied by yellowing or reddening of the organs attacked (photo of damage on peach leaf).
It also transmits the Sharka or plum pox virus (PPV).



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