This family, formerly called Umbelliferae, brings together a range of species used in market gardening like carrot, celery or celeriac and diverse aromatic plants such as parsley, fennel, angelica and cumin.

In Europe France is 2nd country after Poland for carrot production. Their crops occupy about 13 500ha. In an open-field crop, carrot comes in two types: the storage carrot which represents 80% of the market, harvested from August to April, and the early carrot produced from May to July. The carrot is 3rd vegetable consumed in France after potatoes and tomatoes.

Celery and celeriac do not take up large cultivated areas. However, they can be colonized by several species of aphids. Celery is vulnerable to viral diseases transmitted by aphids.

See Aphid damage on Apiaceae

Frequent aphids

Occasional aphids

In the Aphid key folder you will find simplified keys using photos or morphological criteria to help you with identification of species .

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