S. fragariae

Sitobion fragariae (Walker, 1848)

Blackberry-grass aphid

blanc 192x128

2.0-3.0 mm.
Apterous: apple green, more or less yellowish or pink, cornicles long, black, straight and reticulated.
Alate: yellowish green or pink, marginal and dorsal sclerites black, antennae long and dark, cornicles cylindrical, long (more than two times the length of the cauda), black and reticulated, cauda pale and long..

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Dioecious  holocyclic.

Primary hosts: Rubus fructucosus (bramble) and sometimes on Rosa (roses), Fragaria (strawberry).
Secondary hosts: Poaceae: Avena (oats), Hordeum (barley), Bromus (brome), Dactylis (cocksfoot), Holcus (soft-grass), Phleum (timothy).

S. fragariae does not cause direct damage.
It is a vector of the barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV).



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