Photos from A to K

Photos from A to K

The photos of aphids have been created from species found in Brittany.

The photos show aphids in vivo and in habitus.

These images illustrate the great diversity of colours and shapes of a vast world that functions at such a small scale.

The species photographed are categorized by genus and species, spread between two separate image files to limit downloading times.

Acyrthosiphon malvae Pelargonium aphid

Acyrthosiphon pisum : Pea aphid

Acyrthosiphon primulae : primrose aphid

Adelges abietis : eastern spruce gall adelgid

Anoecia corni : Common dogwood-grass aphid

Aphis craccivora : Cowpea aphid

Aphis fabae : black bean aphids group

Aphis forbesi : Black bean aphid

Aphis gossypii : Melon-cotton aphid

Aphis hederae : ivy aphid

Aphis idaei : Small raspberry aphid

Aphis nerii : Oleander aphid

Aphis ruborum : Small bramble aphid

Aphis sambuci : elder aphid

Aphis spiraecola : Green citrus aphid

Aphis urticata : dark-green nettle aphid

Aulacorthum (Neomyzus) circumflexum : Crescent marked lily aphid

Aulacorthum solani : Glasshouse-potato aphid

Betulaphis quadrituberculata : Small downy birch aphid

Brachycaudus cardui : Plum-thistle aphid

Brachycaudus helichrysi : Leaf-curling plum aphid

Brevicoryne brassicae : Mealy cabbage aphid

Callipterinella calliptera : Black-banded birch aphid

Capitophorus elaeagni : Common oleaster aphid

Cavariella aegopodii : Willow-carrot aphid

Cavariella pastinacae : Willow-umbellifer aphid

Chromaphis juglandicola : Small walnut aphid

Cinara brauni : pine-shoot aphid

Corylobium avellanae : Large hazel aphid

Cryptomyzus ribis : Redcurrant aphid

Cryturaphis grassii : Italian alder aphid

Drepanosiphum platanoidis : Common sycamore aphid

Dysaphis crataegi /Dysaphis foeniculus : Hawthorn-carrot aphid, Fennel aphid

Dysaphis plantaginea : Rosy apple aphid

Dysaphis pyri : Pear-bedstraw aphid

Elatobium abietinum : Green spruce aphid

Eriosoma lanigerumWooly apple aphid

Essigella californica : Monterey-pine needle aphid

Eucallipterus tiliae : common lime-aphid

Euceraphis punctipennis : Downy birch aphid

Eulachnus rileyi : active grey pine-needle aphid

Forda sp : grass-root aphid

Hayhurstia atriplicis : chenopodium aphid

Hoplocallis pictus : painted holm-oak aphid

Hyadaphis foeniculi : Fly-honeysuckle aphid

Hyalopterus pruni : Mealy plum aphid

Hyperomyzus lactucae : Blackcurrant-sowthistle aphid

Hyperomyzus lampsanae : nipplewort aphid

Hyperomyzus picridis : Oxtongue aphid

Illinoia lambersi : rhododendron aphid

Modification date : 31 January 2024 | Publication date : 22 September 2016 | Redactor : Evelyne Turpeau, Maurice Hullé, Bernard Chaubet