E. lanuginosum

Eriosoma lanuginosum (Hartig, 1839)

Elm balloon-gall aphid

1.2-1.4 mm.
Apterous: light yellow or pink and sometimes red.
Alate: dark green to black with diffuse stripes on abdomen, antennae short, cornicles reduced to a pore, cauda short and half-moon shaped, on wing medial vein once-branched.

Dioecious holocyclic.

Primary host: Ulmus (elm).
Secondary host: Pyrus communis (pear).

The apterous forms secrete white waxy filaments.

E. lanuginosum is rare and not a great threat on pear in France.
The species establishes itself on the underside of leaves. It causes the formation of large irregular bladder-like galls (see photo above) that may reach 6-8 cm diameter

Modification date : 07 February 2023 | Publication date : 30 September 2010 | Redactor : Evelyne Turpeau, Maurice Hullé, Bernard Chaubet