M. festucae

Metopolophium festucae (Theobald, 1917)

Fescue aphid

Metopolophium festucae : N4 et larve
Metopolophium festucae : adulte ailé

Morphological characters

1.4-2.2 mm.
Apterous: yellowish green or pink, cornicles long, cylindrical and light-coloured.
Alate: abdomen with dark transverse stripes, antennae long and pigmented; cornicles long, cylindrical and slightly pigmented, cauda long and slightly pigmented.

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Life cycles

Mostly anholocyclic.

Host plants

Poaceae: including Bromus (brome grasses), Festuca (fescue), Agrotis (bentgrass), Lolium (ryegrass), Poa (meadow-grass)...

Agronomic impact

M. festucae transmits barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV).

Natural enemies

Parasitoids :
  • Aphelinus asychis

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