Identification file

Identification file

Aulacorthum solani (Kaltenbach, 1843)

2-3 mm

Apterous: abdomen glossy, green to yellowish green, piriform, with darker abdominal spot at cornicular insertion points (1)
Frons  U shaped (2)
Antennae longer than body, ringed at articulations (3)
Cornicles pale, straight, long, with dark flange at tip (4)
Cauda digitate (5)

Aulacorthum solani : fiche identification

Aulacorthum solani © Encyclop'Aphid


Alate: abdomen green with dark transverse stripes and a spot at corniclar insertions.
Frons  U  shaped   (2)
Antennae long and dark with processus terminalis long (5 times base of VI) (6)
Abdomen with transverse stripes (7) of variable breadth that may join up to form a patch with strongly shredded aspect
Cornicles pale, straight, long with dark flange at tip (4)
Cauda digitate (5) and weakly pigmented (9)
On wings veins are dark (8)

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