Family : Phylloxeridae

The genus <i>Phylloxera </i> is dependent on Juglandacae and Fagaceae. It is present in Europe and North America. In Europe it is encountered mainly on oak.

The genus contains about 50 species characterized by the absence of cornicles, antenna very short with only 3 segments and simple wing venation.

Just mentioning the name Phylloxera conjures up the disaster that befell the French vineyards in the XIXth Century. In reality, the species involved (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae or its synonymns Viteus vitifoliae) no longer belongs in the genus Phylloxera. Here the Phylloxera of Fagaceae is presented.

The taxonomy of Phylloxera living on oak has not been studied in depth.

Several species of Phylloxera are dependent on Quercus robur (pedunculate oak) and Quercus petraea (sessile oak) but these species cannot be distinguished morphologically.

Here the two species most frequently encountered are featured together.

Modification date : 07 February 2023 | Publication date : 14 December 2016 | Redactor : Evelyne Turpeau, Maurice Hullé, Bernard Chaubet