M. viciae

Megoura viciae Buckton, 1876

Vetch aphid

Megoura viciae : adulte aptère
Megoura viciae : adulte ailé sur fève
Megoura viciae : colonie sur fève

Morphological characters

3-4.3 mm.
Apterous: abdomen green with head, thorax, and appendages (antennae, legs, cornicles and cauda) black.
Alate: green with head and thorax black, antennae long and black, cornicles swollen and black, cauda long and black.

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Life cycles

Monoecious holocyclic.

Host plants

Fabaceae: Vicia spp (broad bean and vetch) and Lathyrus (peavines).

Particular characteristics

M. viciae easily falls from the plant at the slightest disturbance.

Agronomic impact

M. viciae mainly colonizes the plants’ young and apical parts.
This species is not considered as a significant pest, however it can transmit the pea enation mosaic virus (PEMV).

Natural enemies

Parasitoids :
  • Aphidius megourae
  • Praon megourae
  • Ephedrus niger

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