Hippodamia variegata

Hippodamia variegata Goeze 1777

Adonis ladybird

Hippodamia variegata : adulte
Hippodamia variegata : larve dévorant une larve de puceron
Hippodamia variegata : nymphe


The red elytra often show three black spots which can be more numerous or fused.
Pronotum can have a distinct white edging at the base on the anterior and lateral margins and sometimes two white spots.


It is a large species which eats aphids avidly:

  • Aphis fabae
  • Mysus persicae
  • Hyalopterus pruni
  • Acyrtosiphon pisum

It can also draw on other food sources: Coccoidea, nectar, pollen or honeydew.


The species is found at low to shrubby levels of vegetation. It is multivoltine and can be seen in thermophile environments from March to October.

Natural enemies

  • Perilitus coccinellae

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