A. pomi

Aphis pomi De Geer, 1773

Green apple aphid

Aphis pomi, adulte aptère
Aphis pomi, adulte ailé
Aphis pomi, ovipare
Aphis pomi, colonie sur pommier

Morphological characters

1.3-2.3 mm.
Apterous: light green with antennae, cornicles and cauda black.
Alate: green, antennae dark, cornicles straight, dark and reaching beyond abdomen, cauda black and digitate.

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Life cycles

Monoecious holocyclic.

Host plants   

Rosaceae, particularly Malus (apple) and Pyrus (pear) and to a lesser extent Cotoneaster, Crataegus.

Particular characteristics

A. pomi develops by forming sleeve-like colonies as illustrated here on young apple branch.

Agronomic impact

A. pomi causes blackening of leaves and shoots due to copious secretions of honeydew and development of sooty mould.

Under intense attack, leaves roll up transversally and crinkle which leads to arrested growth and desiccation of new shoots.

Naturals enemies


Parasitoids :

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