A. schneideri

Aphis schneideri (Börner, 1940)

Blackcurrant aphid


Morphological characters

1.7-2.6 mm
Apterous: green covered by a fine pruinosity, light-coloured appendages, antennae short, large marginal tubercles on all abdominal segments, cauda digitate.
Alate: marginal and postcornicular sclerites dark, cornicles straight and dark, cauda digitate.

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Life cycles

Monoecious holocyclic  

Host plants

Ribes nigrum, blackcurrant; Ribes rubrum, redcurrant; and Ribes alpinum, alpine currant.

Particular characteristics

The presence of spring colonies prevents the growth of shoots and causes deformations in leaves which curl up to form nests of leaves actively visited by ants.

The species stays on its hosts all year.

Incidences agronomiques

Agronomic impact

Natural enemies

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