T. caudata

Trama (Neotrama) caudata Del Guercio, 1909

Trama (Neotrama) caudata : adulte aptère sur racine
Trama (Neotrama) caudata : colonie sur racine

Morphological characters

2-3 mm.
Apterous: whitish with cornicles reduced to a pore.
Alate: white to slightly green, abdomen with stripes, presence of small volcano-shaped cornicles.

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Life cycles

Monoecious anholocyclic and radicicolous.

Host plants

Asteraceae: including Cichorium (chicory), Lactuca (lettuce), Sonchus (sow-thistles).

Particular characteristics

Les colonies de T. caudata vivent sur les racines et sont visitées par les fourmis.

Incidences agronomiques

Colonies of T. caudata live on the roots and are visited by ants.

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