Parasitoids of aphids

Les parasitoïdes de pucerons se répartissent en deux catégories : les parasitoïdes primaires et les hyper-parasitoïdes (parasitoïdes secondaires)

The parasitoids of aphids are spread over two categories: the primary parasitoids and the hyperparasitoids (secondary parasitoids).

Most of the parasitoids belong to the order Hymenoptera. However, one species of Diptera (genus Endaphis) is known as a parasitoid of aphids as are certain mites (Acari) that belong to the Trombidiidae family (order Trombidiformes).

These Hymenoptera play a discreet but important role particularly where they are introduced onto crops grown under shelter. Several species are marketed as biological control agents.

The Hymenoptera include two families that are parasitoids of aphids: Aphelinidae (2 genera) and  Braconidae (27 genera of the subfamily Aphidiinae).

The files describe the different genera and species. They give information concerning:

  • morphology
  • host aphids
  • particular characteristics of the species

Keys are provided for identifying and separating the different species encountered on the aphids of Poaceae.

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