C. acutirostris

Cinara acutirostris Hille Ris Lambers, 1956

Corsican pine aphid

Cinara acutirostris : adulte aptère
Cinara acutirostris : adulte aptère
Cinara acutirostris : adultes ailés et une nymphe
blanc 192x128

Morphological characters

2.6-3.7 mm.
Apterous: pear-shaped, dark brown to bronze, with light-coloured longitudinal line and darker transverse spots.
Alate: dark brown, cornicles conical, rostrum almost as long as abdomen, antennae short with processus terminalis very short.

Life cycles

Monoecious holocyclic, although some colonies can be anholocyclic.

Host plants

Essentially Pinus nigra.

Particular characteristics

Cinara acutirostris colonizes the young branches. Large colonies can induce rolling and yellowing of needles.

Agronomic impact

Natural enemies

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