R. porosum

Rhodobium porosum (Sanderson, 1900)

Yellow rose aphid

blanc 192x128
blanc 192x128

1.2-2.5 mm.
Aphid yellowish to greenish, cornicles ochre-toned, straight and long.
Apterous: antenna with segment III with a dozen rhinaria in a row, cornicles tip often darkened brown and cauda elongate.
Alate: pronounced marginal sclerites present, dorsal patch diffuse or absent, wings venation well marked.

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Rosa spp and Fragaria vesca (wild strawberry).

Colonies form preferably on the youngest leaves.

Incidences agronomiques

Recent years have seen Rhodobium porosum become strongly present on strawberry crops grown under tunnel. It is a vector of strawberry  viruses. In order to restrict proliferation of colonies, parasitoid release operations are conducted.



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