Subfamily : Lachninae
Genus characterized by individuals having a very long tarsus.

The species of the tribe Tramini are characterized by the following features:

  • individuals whitish to greyish covered with hairs short and fine
  • legs very long with tarsi of hind-legs visibly equal to tibias
  • colonies live in association with ants on roots of Asteraceae.

Genus and subgenus


Apterous with presence of sclerites and dorsal stripes. Cornicles present. Alate with numerous rhinaria on III (25-50), VI≥V
Protrama spp → 2

Apterous without pigmentation. Cornicles absent or present. Alate with few rhinaria on III (0-5), VI≤V → 3


Alate with wing vein once-branched
Protrama ranunculi

Alate with wing vein once-branched                                                         
Protrama flavescens

Protrama flavescence : adulte ailé



Cornicules present 
Trama (Neotrama) caudata

Trama (Neotrama) caudata : adulte aptère sur racine

Cornicles absent
Trama spp

Trama troglodytes : adulte ailé

Modification date: 27 May 2024 | Publication date: 21 September 2010 | By: Evelyne Turpeau, Maurice Hullé, Bernard Chaubet