P. humuli

Phorodon humuli (Schrank, 1801)

Damson-hop aphid

Morphological characters

2.0-3.0 mm.
Apterous: body elongate, pale green with longitudinal dorsal stripe darker.
Alate: dorsal patch dark, dentate and perforated, antennae long, frontal tubercles prominent, cornicles dark, long and straight, cauda triangular, pigmented.

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Life cycles

Dioecious holocyclic.

Host plants

Primary host: Prunus spp (plum, blackthorn).
Host secondary: Humulus lupulus (hops)

Particular characteristics

Agronomic impact

P. humuli does not cause direct damage on plum species, although it secretes honeydew.
It is a vector of the Sharka (plumpox) virus (PPV).

Natural enemies



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