Passaloecus insignis

Passaloecus insignis (Van der Linden, 1829)

blanc 192x128
blanc 192x128


Female: 5.0-6.0 mm, glabrous, anterior side of scape and mandible yellowish white.


The cell partitions are built out of conifer resin. The females can bore the galleries themselves or use existing ones left by xylophagous organisms (Coleoptera or other Pemphredoninae). The species is caulicolous: nests are excavated in stems with dry pith (Rubus, Sambucus, Lonicera, Hedera, tree trunks) or made in existing galleries left by xylophagous species.


  • Aphis groupe fabae
  • Aphis salicariae
  • Brachycaudus schwartzi
  • Chaitophorinae
  • Calaphidini
  • Lachninae
  • Macrosiphum funestum
  • Sitobion sp
  • Uroleucon (voir photo)

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