Adalia bipunctata

<I>Adalia bipunctata (Linné, 1758)

Two-spotted ladybird

Adalia bipunctata : adulte
Adalia bipunctata : oeufs
Adalia bipunctata : larve
Adalia bipunctata : nymphe


The typical form: two black spots on the glossy bright red elytra, however black forms with red spots exist
The maxillary palps are yellow or brown, sometimes blackened on their last segment.
The legs are mainly black


Predators of aphids of all sorts, it has a generalist diet: pollen and nectar from flowers, moulds, honeydew, Acari, Psylla or Coccoidea (scale insects).


This ladybird has two spots and is the most highly widespread in western Europe.
It can settle in a broad diversity of habitats, urban or rural, and frequent all sorts of herbaceous, shrubby or ligneous plants

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