A. frangulae

Aphis frangulae Kaltenbach, 1845

Alder buckthorn-willowherb aphid

Morphological characters

1.2-2.2 mm.
Apterous: yellowish to dark green, cornicles pale to very dark and cauda pale.
Alate: green to dark green, antennae same length as body, cornicles pale to very dark, cauda light.

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Life cycles

Dioecious holocyclic.

Anholocyclic under shelter (greenhouse).

Primary hosts: Frangula alnus (alder buckthorn), Rhamnus (buckthorn), Capsella bursa-pastoris (shepherd’s purse).
Secondary hosts: Asteraceae: Chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum), and numerous herbaceous plants...

Particular characteristics

Aphis frangulae in fact covers a group of species composed of different subspecies (beccabungae, capsellae) and the species Aphis gossypii.
Within this frangulae gossypii group, the species are practically indistinguishable using morphological criteria.
Their identification requires knowledge of their hosts and their life cycles.

Agronomic impact

A. frangulae can survive winter under shelter (greenhouse).



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