Praon volucre

Praon volucre (Haliday 1833)


Antenna with 16-18 segments in females

Wing : veins 2-SR and r-m absent. 1-SR+M effaced in posterior part. m-cu distinctly marked


Primary endoparasitoid of aphids

Host aphid

Parasite of numerous genera and species of aphids

Particular characteristics

Nymphosis takes place in a cocoon under the mummy (see photo)

This species is used in biological control on various crops under shelter:

        - cucumber, pepper, aubergine, tomato, strawberry, bean

        - ornamental plants, rose and Gerbera


  • Asaphes vulgaris
  • Asaphes suspensus
  • Coruna clavata
  • Dendrocerus aphidum
  • Dendrocerus carpenterii
  • Phaenoglyphys villosa

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