The Cucurbitaceae are a family of herbaceous rambling or climbing plants. Their fruits are often used as vegetables, cultivated for food, whereas other species yield ornamental fruit.

The Cucurbitaceae (melon, marrow, courgette, cucumber, gherkin, pumpkin, water melon and so on) are cultivated for their flavoursome fruit, showing a wide variety of shapes and colours.

In France the melon is the species most commonly grown as a crop, followed by courgette and cucumber. 

The aphids prove to be their most devastating pests. On crops they cause direct damage leading to leaf curl or sooty mould and indirect damage by transmitting viral diseases.

See Aphid damage on Cucurbitaceae

Frequent aphids

Occasional aphids

Root aphids

In the "Aphid key" folder you will find simplified keys based on photos or morphological criteria to help with identification of species

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