C. salijaponicus niger

Chaitophorus salijaponicus niger Mordvilko, 1929

Dark willow leaf aphid

Morphological characters

1.2-2.2 mm.
Apterous: brown to black with light ring at base of cornicles; antennae, legs and cauda light-colored: antennae shorter than half body, cauda knobbed
Nymph: dark red.
Alate: black, abdomen with black marginal sclerites and stripes, cornicles short, cylindrical, dark; cauda knobbed, light color.

Life cycles

Monoecious holocyclic

Host plants

Salix spp

Particular characteristics

Chaitophorus salijaponicus niger lives in small colonies on leaves of different species of willow.

Agronomic impact

Natural enemies

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