R. staphyleae

Rhopalosiphoninus staphyleae (Koch, 1854)

Beet aphid

blanc 192x128
blanc 192x128

1.5-2.4 mm.
Apterous: dirty yellow to ochre or dark olive-brown, stripes pigmented on thorax and first abdominal segments, cornicles strongly bulging.
Alate: olive-green to dark brown, abdominal patch dark, antennae long and fine, cornicles strongly bulging, cauda digitate

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Dioecious holocyclic and anholocyclic on secondary hosts.

Primary host: Staphylea (bladdernut).
Secondary hosts: flowering plants: including  Tulipa (tulip), Hemerocallis (day lily), Crocus (crocus), Viola (violet), also Chenopodiaceae

Agronomic impact

R. staphyleae does not appear frequently, however it is a vector of various viruses, including beet mosaic and yellow viruses.

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