T. dryophila

Thelaxes dryophila (Schrank, 1801)

Common oak thelaxid

1.1-2.3 mm.
Apterous: green to brownish, flattened with a longitudinal stripe lighter-colored, fine pointed hairs present, frons bulging, antenna with 5 segments, cornicles reduced to a pore and cauda knobbed.
Alate: head, antenna and thorax dark, rostrum long, wings kept flat when at rest, cornicles encircled by a brown ring and cauda knobbed.

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Monoecious holocyclic.

Quercus spp.

Ce puceron produit beaucoup de miellat. Les colonies sont visitées par les fourmis.

Incidences agronomiques

This aphid produces copious amounts of honeydew. Colonies are visited by ants.

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