P. juglandis

Panaphis juglandis (Goeze, 1778)

Large walnut aphid

3.5-4.3 mm.
Large aphid deep yellow to orange, ornamented with broad segmental stripes dark brown, alate with wing veins very broad. All the parthenogenetic adults are alates.
Larva and nymph: antenna short with processus terminalis very short, abdomen covered with numerous hairs, ornamented with broad dark brown segmental stripes, cornicles short, cauda knobbed.
Alate: antenna short with processus terminalis very short, cornicles short and pigmented, cauda knobbed, wings with strong pigmentation, small black spot present on hind-femur.

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Monœcious holocyclic

Host plants

Juglans regia

Panaphis juglandis colonize the upper side of walnut leaves. Colonies are aligned on the leaf’s principal vein and are visited by ants. The sexual forms appear in autumn.

Agronomic impact

Natural enemies

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