M. pyraria

Melanaphis pyraria (Passerini, 1861)

Pear-grass aphid

Melanaphis pyraria : adulte aptère, larviposition
Melanaphis pyraria : adulte ailé
Melanaphis pyraria : colonie
Melanaphis pyraria : dégât sur poirier

1.3-2.1 mm.
Apterous: brown, blackish.
Alate: dark brown to black, abdomen with stripes, antennae brown, cornicles very short, straight and pigmented; cauda pigmented, short, same length as cornicles.

Dioecious holocyclic.

Primary host: Pyrus communis (pear).
Secondary hosts: Poaceae: Triticum (wheat), Poa (bluegrass), Holcus (soft-grass)...

M. pyraria occurs usually on the underside of leaves.
This species is visited by ants.

M. pyraria is considered quite harmless for orchards because it occurs infrequently.
Its presence does however lead to yellowing and very tight transverse rolling of the leaves.



  • Ephedrus persicae

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