M. cerasi

Myzus cerasi (Fabricius, 1775)

Black cherry aphid

Myzus cerasi : adulte aptère
Myzus cerasi : adulte ailé
Myzus cerasi : colonie
Myzus cerasi : dégât sur cerisier

Morphological characters

1.4-2.6 mm.
Apterous: glossy, dark brown to black, cornicles black, long and straight.
Alate: body black with large black dorsal patch, antennae long and black, cornicles dark, long and slightly twisted, cauda dark and triangular.

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Life cycles

Dioecious holocyclic.

Host plants

Primary hosts: Prunus cerasus (cherry) and rarely on other Prunus.
Secondary hosts: Galium (bedstraw), Veronica (speedwell).

Agronomic impact

M. cerasi causes serious damage to young nursery trees and plants. Its presence leads to severe malformation of young shoots (photo) and strong crinkling of leaves.
The honeydew emitted induces scorching and necroses on leaf blades.
If infestations are severe, the ends of shoots wither and die, and fruit growth and maturation are held back.

Natural enemies

Parasitoids :




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