Identification file

Identification file

Tuberculatus (Tuberculoides) borealis (Krzywiec, 1971)

1.9-2.3 mm.                
Larva and nymph: aphid greenish blue to yellow marbled  with green
Antennae same length as body, dark brown at segmental sutures, processus terminalis equal or slightly longer than base
Abdomen covered with numerous long capitate hairs
Cornicles short
Cauda rounded

Tuberculatus borealis : fiche d'identification

Tuberculatus borealis © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: greenish  to yellowish
Antennae same length as body, ringed at segmental  sutures (1) with processus terminalis short and equal to or slightly longer than base  (2)
Abdomen with marginal  tubercles (3) and four pairs of tubercles  spread over segments I-IV, the 4th pair smaller or apparently absent (4)
Cornicles straight, short and light colored (or slightly pigmented) at tip (5)
Cauda knobbed (6), anal patch bilobed.

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