Identification file

Identification file

Trama (Neotrama) caudata (del Guercio, 1909)

2.1-3.3 mm

Apterous: dirty white to pale yellow
Forehead swollen (1)
Antennae shorter than half the length of the  body, with a processus terminalis very short (2)
Abdomen without pigmentation (3)
Cornicles reduced to a pore (4)
Cauda short, rounded (5)
Tarsi of hind-leg very long (6)

Trama (Neotrama) caudata : fiche d'identification

Trama (Neotrama) caudata © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: with large pigmented stripes on abdomen
Forehead swollen
Antennae dark, short, less than length of body with 2-6 rhinaria on III, 1-3 on IV, processus terminalis very short
Abdomen with broad pigmented stripes on abdomen and marginal sclerites well marked
Cornicles ring-shaped on dark volcanic protrusions dark.
Cauda rounded
Hind-tarsi long
Wing with medial vein scarcely visible, once- or twice-branched depending on individuals

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