Identification file

Identification file

Schizaphis graminum (Rondani, 1852)

1.3-2.1 mm

Apterous: elongate, pale green to yellow green, with darker green longitudinal line on dorsum
Forehead with pronounced medial tubercle
Antennae shorter than length of body, weakly pigmented from distal third of segment III
Cornicles short, straight, pale with tip pigmented
Cauda pale and digitate

Schizaphis graminum : fiche d'identification

Schizaphis graminum © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: pale green to  light brown-yellow, abdomen with no pigmentation
Forehead with medial tubercle pronounced (1)
Antennae pigmented, short and processus terminalis long (2)
Cornicles straight, cylindrical, short and a little darker at tip (3)
Cauda elongate and pale (4)
Wing with medial vein once-branched (5)

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